Friday, March 30, 2018

Mrs. Brunson’s
Fabulous First Grade
April 2018

Dear Parents,
            Wow!!  It is hard to believe how quickly this school year is going by.  Your children are truly incredible and are doing such a fantastic job.  I feel so lucky to have them in my room.

            Our Spring Break is next week, April 2nd – 6th.  Hopefully with weather will be wonderful and you can enjoy time with your family!         

            The Kite for Flight event will be held Saturday, April 28th at the Cedar Middle School.  We will be sending home our recorded reading minutes for you to take with you to this event.  (If you child has read more than what is recorded, please add their minutes to it. J)  Your student will be able to choose from a variety of prizes and we also receive funding to help support our school.  

            We are looking forward to our school’s “COLOR RUN” that is scheduled for Thursday, May 3rd.  We are working hard to earn money for a hands on science lab with this fund raiser.  All students are encouraged to wear a white or light colored shirt that you don’t mind getting “colored” on this day.  Although the color is safe, students may wear sunglasses during this event. J

Our spring fieldtrip is almost here.  Wednesday, May 9th we will be taking a field trip to Lady Bug Nursery, Park Discovery and stopping in at the Public Library.  If at all possible, please have your child plan to eat school lunch on this day.  This makes it a bit easier to keep everything straight.  J  We will be leaving at 9:00 and return in time for the busses at 1:30.        

Please mark your calendars for our First Grade program Friends.  Our classes will be working hard to prepare for this.  We will be performing this musical production on Monday, May 21st  at 2:00p.m.  We are excited to show you our musical and speaking skills!  (If you would like to take your child home with you following the program, please let me know.) 

             The final week for reading helpers will be May 14th – 18th.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU reading helpers!!  You have made a huge difference in our reading this year.  Our goal was to have every first grader reading a take home library book at level “I” by the end of the year.  We are almost there!!  (Several have even exceeded this goal!!)  This could not have happened without wonderful reading helpers helping us at school and fabulous parents helping us at home.  I appreciate all of your support this year.  What great teamwork!!

            Thank you again for your continual support this year.  It is truly fantastic.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. 
            School:  586-2850                 Home:  586-4722

                                                                        Michele Brunson